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World Of Hair Offers New Products for Scars, Stretch Marks, Skin Rashes, Hair Color, Dry Hair and Scalp as well as an Update to Our New Celebrity Hairstyles Section

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

World Of Hair Offers New Products for Scars, Stretch Marks, Skin Rashes, Hair Color, Dry Hair and Scalp as well as an Update to Our New Celebrity Hairstyles Section

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) September 10, 2007

New Stretch Marks & Scar Treatment from World of Hair is now available in the USA. We also are introducing products aimed at helping to prevent the appearance of scarring from surgery including plastic surgeries like tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, breast enhancement and more. These products are based on non clinical research trials that have been published.

For years both men and women have been suffering from stretch marks and scars that come from pregnancy, weight gain, stretched skin as well as scars that come from c -sections, plastic surgery, regular surgery, accidents, and many other causes. Until recent discoveries most relied on a few different oils such a vitamin e as well as some of the healing butters like shea butter, aloe butter and mango butter. Then about 4 years ago peptides made their way onto the scene and these, while better than the oils and butters alone they still did not have the results that women and men were looking for.

A New Stretch Marks Treatment Comes From Our Research

After having experimented with many types of everlasting oils, we found one specific type of Helichrysum italicum variety Serotinum, that represented absolutely extraordinary healing qualities for scar treatments, this only works if the oil comes from the flower itself. This along with Rose Hip oil have been included in our new stretch marks treatment for a remarkable combination that will reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

This special blend of 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rose hip seed oil, the extremely rare organic helichrysum oil, and other organic based ingredients, are combined to make this product extremely effective and unsurpassed for repairing skin that has been scarred or damaged. Our experiments show that the appearance of scar reduction is available to even the oldest of scars dating back over 20 years and more.

Why use oils versus just creams? Essential oils have the ability to penetrate into the cell deeper and faster than any other substance, especially creams. This is vital since stretch marks and most scars are very deep into the skin. Oils in our formula have been proven effective in cell re-generation.

Helichrysum when combined with the healing unsaturated fatty acids in organic rose hip seed oil, and several other healing type oils produced great results for scars and stretch marks. This combination was tested and revealed to quickly reduce the appearance of skin scars including stretch marks from pregnancy, weight gain and muscle gain as well as acne scars whether they are raised or pitted.

Other uses of Precious Oils and Herbal Extracts:

Precious & therapeutic oils and herbs have been used in tough skin and healthy hair treatments as well as skin products that were aimed at specific skin problems like skin rashes, skin irritations, anti aging, skin discoloration, firming and thinning and more.

Herbal extracts and oils For Skin Rashes & Dandruff

Now that research show that dandruff and many cases of dermatitis have a fungus present, more will be turning to healing oils to help make the flakes and itch disappear. These extracts are much more effective than most shampoo ingredients and give fast results. These extracts and oils were also used for those that suffered from scalp disorders including dry scalp & hair, oily hair and scalp and related conditions. Specifically skin rashes and itching skin have become symptom-less when specific blends of these natural oils were added to skin creams that not only visibly reduce skin rashes but also were effective for many different skin irritations including acne.

World of Hair Introduces Color Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the first line of shampoos and conditioners from Purity that actually work to repair damaged hair by focusing on protein structure that is damaged during hair color, perming and other chemical based procedures. The result is a strong shine and high moisture level as well as better color retention. Hairstyles only look as good as the hair and Purity is based on creating the absolute best healthy hair. Visit our new hairstyles section and see some of your favorite celebrities as well as find out how to style your hair like theirs. World of Hair carries the Purity brand of natural based hair care and skin care products. Contact us fro any questions about our products. We are based out of Birmingham Alabama.


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