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NYC Hair Shaman is Curing and Treating Hair with Customized Natural Rainforest Treatments

Monday, August 8th, 2011

NYC Hair Shaman is Curing and Treating Hair with Customized Natural Rainforest Treatments

(PRWEB) June 17, 2005

Fabian Lliguin, notable New York City hair stylist and color expert, proudly introduces a revolution in the care and treatment of hair: Rahua Nut Oil and Dragon Tree Sap, two potent natural curing serums for the hair derived directly from the Amazon Rainforest. These products are being used by Mr. Lliguin at his New York City Hair Studio to treat and beautify many of his clients’ hair and scalp issues. For the first time ever, clients can experience natural solutions to many scalp and hair maladies, or simply beautify their hair with these all-natural treatments which have been used by the Quechuan Indians of the Amazon Rainforest for hundreds of years. Passed down from generation to generation, these natives have been harvesting and converting these natural products into healing remedies.

Now Mr. Lliguin has brought these secrets exclusively to his clients; you cannot and will not find these treatments anywhere else in all of North America. In addition, 50% of the proceeds from use of this treatment by Mr. Lliguin go directly back to the Quechuan Indians in their fight to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Many people today struggle with dry, damaged, brittle, dull, overexposed hair, split ends or many scalp maladies. Until now many men and women have had to resort to over-the-counter treatments like body shampoos or dry scalp shampoos which contain harsh chemicals which eventually damage the hair even more, or expensive prescription treatments or other salon treatments, which often yield paltry results. The time, money and frustration spent on traditional products and services (along with the unsatisfactory results) have made these customized natural treatments personally developed by Mr. Lliguin as the perfect answer for many of today’s common hair and scalp problems.

The Creator

These two serums, Rahua Nut Oil and Dragon Tree Sap, have been perfected by Fabian Lliguin over the past six years. Mr. Lliguin, a 20-year veteran of the hair industry, comes from a long line of hairstylists from his native Ecuador. He trained with Vidal Sassoon, Wella, Lanza, Redken and more, and has worked throughout Europe including London, Monaco, Paris, and Berlin, as well as as throughout South America. He has styled for New York City’s “Fashion Week,” and his expert opinion is often sought after by upscale media publications. Since coming to America in 1986, Mr. Lliguin has owned and operated several salons in New York City, most recently Cocoon Hair Studio on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Developing a close and intimate relationship with his clients, Mr. Lliguin sought to create a safe and effective means to help his clients take control of their hair and scalp issues including scalp maladies; dry; overexposed; and brittle hair. Using his twenty years of experience, Mr. Lliguin has become an ecological agent for the Amazon Rainforest. As a result of his longstanding personal relationship with the Quechuan Indians of the Amazon Rainforest, Mr. Lliguin has spent six years perfecting these two serums that give his clients real and lasting permanent results.

Using these rainforest remedies to customize a treatment has yielded astounding results! Clients have been cured of scalp maladies, and Mr. Lliguin has managed to breathe new life into the quality of many of his clients’ hair. Because each treatment is customized specifically in the salon to meet the requirements of each individual client, Mr. Lliguin has quickly become known as a hair shaman, using natural products from the Amazon Jungle right here in the bustling concrete jungle.

The Studio

You can visit Fabian Lliguin’s personal hair studio, Cocoon, on the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan. The hair studio is situated in a cozy ground floor space. As you step down the stairs and pass through the garden entrance you will enter a mini escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. All clients who visit Cocoon Hair Studio receive the undivided attention of Fabian who schedules one client at a time and personally takes a client through their hair experience from start to finish. Expert hair processes range from dry hair precision cutting, modern color techniques, all chemical processes and of course customized jungle treatments for the hair and scalp. Combining the use of up to date cutting edge products and technology in the hair industry with natural solutions derived from the Amazon Rainforest; Fabian has adapted the perfect hair experience for all hair types. Every client leaves Cocoon with the healthiest and most beautiful hair possible.

The Formula and Process

The Rahua Nut Oil and Dragon Tree sap are two safe, gentle formulas derived directly from the Amazon Rainforest. The Quechuan Indians of the rainforest have been harvesting and converting these natural products into healing remedies for hundreds of years. Client-customized treatments with these two products are administered personally by Mr. Lliguin at his intimate and inviting salon in four easy, relaxing steps:

Step 1 – Assessment and Diagnosis

Mr. Lliguin diagnoses the client’s specific scalp and/or problem.

Step 2 – Customization of treatment

•    After careful assessment diagnosis of a client’s specific ailment and needs, Mr. Lliguin custom-mixes the treatment using one or both of the two Amazon rainforest serums to effectively cure the individual’s affliction.

Step 3 – Application and Timing

The scalp treatment lasts approximately twenty minutes. During that time Mr. Lliguin suggests a relaxing hair and scalp massage which provides further hair and scalp benefits.

Step 4 – Customized Herbal Infused Rinse

Mr. Lliguin performs a final herbal-infused rinse to seal in the benefits of this natural treatment using chamomile, which opens the hair cuticles, along with herbs indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest,

Depending on the scalp or hair issues, a client may require two to three treatments; however, many clients have seen instant, permanent results for their specific hair malady in just one treatment! But wait, there’s even more —

Used by itself, the Dragon Tree Sap is a natural volumizer for the hair. Aside from these two serums having healing and therapeutic attributes, Mr. Lliguin uses the Dragon Tree Sap during a client’s blow out for a finished result that is comparable to, or better than, commercial chemical styling products providing the benefits naturally. No other styling product heals and styles at the same time. In addition using this product enhances the finishing touches to the hair and enhances the results of Mr. Lliguin’s superior


The Benefits

These treatments are clearly a revolutionary breakthrough. Nowhere else in all of North America will you be able to find these treatments, and you will not find any other natural product or treatment that can achieve the same results. These treatments offer a natural, lasting and easy means to the treatment and cure of many common hair and scalp problems. The benefits are astonishing:

A cure and treatment for scalp maladies of all kinds

A cure for dry damaged hair

A treatment for Split Ends

Strengthening of over-stressed hair

A mild relaxing treatment

Facilitates quicker and easier blow-outs


These treatments are exclusive to Fabian Lliguin and Cocoon Hair Studio. Customized treatments starting at and up

Contact Information:

For more information, interview requests, and photography contact Fabian Lliguin at 212-879-5630.

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