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Announcement: Treat Dandruff

Friday, August 19th, 2016

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is nothing more then dead skin cells on the scalp. Up to 70% of people will experience a little flaky skin from their scalp from time to time which is a mild case of dandruff. Common signs are appearances of white flakes on scalp, in the hair and on the upper body clothing. More sever cases may see think white crusty lumps on the scalp. There are two types of dandruff, pityriasis-capitis and Seborrhea dermatitis.

Seborrhea dermatitis is a thick, oily dandruff that can look scaly and crusted. This occurs when the scalp is very greasy.

Pityriasis-capitas consists of white dry flakes that fall from the scalp and is due to dry skin cells. The exact cause of dandruff is unknown but many dermatologists narrow it down to scalp care and diet. Although people suffering from dandruff can feel embarrassed and frustrated with the condition it is not contagious and is very treatable.


How to Treat Dandruff

As stated dandruff is very treatable. With milder cases treating dandruff could just require more frequent shampooing.

It is believed that yeasty foods increase dandruff outbreaks. To reduce the outbreaks eat a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables to keep the skin fresh and healthy. Proper hydration levels will also help reduce the effects of dandruff. Vitamins B, C, D and E will help to increase skin health.

Some of the home remedies include washing your hair and scalp with mildly acidic products such as lemon juice, baking soda, tea leaves or apple cider vinegar. Other suggestions include rubbing down your scalp with table salt before showering to help loosen the skin cells. Sunlight is helpful in reducing dandruff but too much sun can also dry the scalp and made the symptoms worse.

For more aggressive cases there are specialised products.There are many shampoos out there for treating dandruff. These shampoos contain antifungal or antibiotic ingredients. However, since active ingredients vary from brand to brand, you may need to try more than one to find a formulation that works for your particular case and remember to follow the instruction on the bottle. Over the counter oils are also available to help moisent he scalp. These oils products contain ingredients such as coconut, olive and tea-tree oil.

If the condition still persists after several weeks of the above mentioned dandruff treatments consult your physician or dermatologist for further information on how to best treat your dandruff.

Natural Caffeinated Remedy Is Guaranteed To Stop Itchy Scalp and Thinning Hair

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

More than 50 million Americans suffer from a variety of conditions that cause itchy scalp and thinning hair. Most adverse scalp conditions are related to the production of natural oils and other chemicals produced through the hair follicles. Conditions such as dermatitis, dandruff, pruritus, dry scalp and thinning hair are caused by unhealthy follicles that are either (underproducing or overproducing), a variety of compounds. Healthy hair follicles are dependent on topical circulation, but adverse conditions disrupt their life cycle, leading to unhealthy scalp diseases. Although there are drug based remedies, most artificially mask symptoms to eventually create rebounds and side effects. Now there’s a new “natural way” to stop scalp irritation with no drugs or side effects, and the results are noticeable in minutes. ThermaScalp is a natural spray made with olive leaf, saw palmetto, pygeum, capsaicin and caffeine. This caffeinated topical formulation is guaranteed to stop scalp irritation and invigorate follicles in one application.

By combining Capsaicin with Caffeine, Greensations has created the world’s first “Caffeinated Capsaicin” scalp spray to relieve irritation while increasing circulation to regenerate dying hair follicles. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in hot peppers, and it’s proven to deplete the chemicals that cause irritation and itching. Caffeine, derived from natural sources such as coffee beans, has been shown to penetrate the scalp to constrict swollen blood vessels while also protecting against UV exposure. GSC Products, makers of Greensations body care products, has patented the combination of capsaicin and caffeine to permeate and revive dying hair follicles in a natural topical application.

While proven botanicals aid follicle activity, they cannot penetrate the scalp effectively on their own. According to Greensations reps, the combination of caffeine and capsaicin creates super permeability to balance the natural life cycle of hair follicles without side effects.

“When follicles get clogged or shrink due to dryness and oily conditions, they lose the ability to regenerate. Hair follicles are programmed to regenerate through a regular cycle of birth, growth and death. As long as follicles stay healthy they continue to regenerate, but when they become clogged, they die. Once a follicle dies, it no longer produces hair and it causes damage to the rest of the scalp by disrupting circulation. ThermaScalp ignites circulation to get the follicles breathing again,” says Niles Porter, Director of Sales for Greensations.

As the scalp is exposed to daily washing, weather conditions, UV exposure and environmental allergens, circulation decreases to cause an imbalance in the natural life cycle. ThermaScalp works by increasing blood flow to help dying follicles regenerate. Drugs can mask general symptoms, but the underlying condition continues to worsen as circulation decreases over time. This leads to irritation and hair loss, but the combination of caffeine and capsaicin counteracts it by increasing blood flow.

“Hair growth drugs like Minoxidil become even more effective when they’re supported by increased circulation. ThermaScalp can be used to support these proven scalp therapies by increasing blood flow to help them work more efficiently. In addition, many great shampoos make hair look great, but they also include chemicals that damage follicles over time. By using ThermaScalp after shampooing, the shine is still there but the damage from added chemicals is depleted,” adds Porter.

Most of the best known shampoos contain foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). While these popular shampoos make hair look great, the added chemicals also damage hair follicles with repeated use. When exposed to chemical agents over time, healthy hair strands eventually become cracked and die off. This leads to chronic symptoms that include dryness, itching and thinning hair. The result is dead follicles and an irritated scalp.

The makers of ThermaScalp are confident their “Patent Pending” formula will stop irritation and itching in minutes while increasing circulation. ThermaScalp can be used with any hair care regimen without side effects because it’s all natural. For more information, visit the official Greensations website. Samples are available for qualified media and medical personnel upon request.

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